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My name is Rozi Vitebsky

Exploring various artistic mediums has been a lifelong passion of mine, encompassing sketching, drawing, oil, and acrylic painting, as well as delving into the realm of 3D digital media software and the intricate artistry of tattooing.

I hold a degree in Architecture from Tel Aviv University, merging my creative vision with a solid educational foundation.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I also lend my presence as a model for artists and photographers, adding a dynamic dimension to my artistic journey.

Aspirations drive me, and my dream is to establish a gallery, realizing my vision as a successful artist. For any inquiries or collaborations, please find my contact information below.

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Architecture Final Project 2023

Mindspace: A holistic health platform, for healing and transformation.

Mindspace is a project located at the intersection of mental health, architecture, and technology.

I focused on creating a virtual platform that offers holistic healing and change experiences, where the project site is not physical - but exists in the Metaverse, a virtual space that enables the creation of innovative and immersive architectural environments.




Tel Aviv, Israel

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